Below is our basic size chart, it is a starting guide to getting the correct fit. We use the typical BJJ uniform sizes, so if you normally wear a certain BJJ size, the same Jitsugi size will probably fit.

Please Note: You may need to have different jacket and pant size to get the best fit. We sell our jackets and pants separately to make this easier. Feel free to contact us with sizing questions.

Wash your Gi inside-out in COLD water. Use the gentle cycle setting on your machine. Avoid bleach; it attacks Cotton and really shortens the life of your Gi. Hang dry in the shade to avoid shrinkage! Your Gis can get very hot and shrink if dried in the sun, especially if the Gi is black or blue colored.

If you are training three or more times a week, you really need more than one Gi- give them a chance to air out between classes- your training partners will thank you! A good rule of thumb is to plan your budget for one Gi a year, maybe some extra pants if you are training heavily, and replace as needed. After a few years you will have a few Gis. It's always nice to start class with a fresh, dry Gi. Don't lock a sweat-soaked Gi in the trunk of your car, nobody will want to train with you after your Gi has been fermenting in your hot car.

Jiu Jitsu Gis undergo significant stress during training, and the only Gi that lasts forever is the one you never use. Check the seams from time to time; if at some point you see a seam coming apart or something, get it fixed early, before it becomes a major repair.

Belts: Go by the actual measurement, try on someone's belt, measure it. Some folks like at least a foot hanging down each side, some more, some less.

size chart